Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thoughts and Musings

Just posted a new article on Hubpages (link at bottom of page). It's called I, Muslim, and it was meant for school. I'm turning it in tomorrow, but I put it online first to sort of test the waters. So far, it's about as popular as the only other Hub I've done, the "Impression, Sunrise" interpretation. Apparently people are into art and religion, so if I can key into that with some more articles, maybe I can start making some money off my hobby.

In other news, I've been talking to my friends about getting some business ideas afloat. Maybe in a couple years we can have a coffee shop or something. Who knows? I'm just getting really sick of school. It's hard enough to keep up with work stuff as it is. I just need to keep writing and start submitting to venues in a serious way. School won't do that for me, and short of having a degree for job purposes, I think I've pretty much maxed out any value to be gained from formal education.

So yeah, that's my world. Thank you, assorted listeners.

Oh, and I can do a Sean Connery impression now- but I can only say phrases with lots of dirty words, particularly if they have a lot of "S" sounds. I should be on the damn radio, you know?

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