Monday, June 20, 2016

How the Dust has Settled

Man... I'm gone for four years and the blog just fucking falls apart. Who am I paying to run this show, anyway?

Oh, wait... no one.

Well, I'm back, and in going over some of the posts on this blog, I have to say Past Dan was a whiny bitch. Funny, charming, handsome, but still, a whiny bitch.

Kidding, Past Dan, I love you, you're great. But maybe post some content once in a while? I mean, Jesus, four whole years?! You're not emo enough to think that coming back after that kind of hiatus makes you "cool," are you?

Things are going to change around here. First, more regular updates, none of this, "I'll update when I have meaningful thoughts," bullshit. We have a business to run, kiddo... this ain't no place for no hero.

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